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Picking Up the Pieces After a Fire.

8/9/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Picking Up the Pieces After a Fire. Recovery after a fire is easier with SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea on your side. We're the #1 SERVPRO franchise in CA. Call us at 714-701-0207.

It's fire season in California again and in California, there are many, many business and home owners picking up the pieces after a fire.

It started earlier than usual this year.  As I write this, over 290,000 acres are burning in Northern California.  Here in Southern California, we have three fires burning at once; the Holy Fire, Cranston Fire and Valley Fire.  So much damage!  

As a business or home owner, its critical to know what to do and what not to do next.

What Not To Do

It’s understandable that once the fire is out you’ll want to start putting ‘your life’ back together again.  This impulse could lead to more disaster though, so proceed with caution and heed this list of things to NOT do after a fire.

  • Don’t enter the structure until authorities have given the go-ahead.
  • Don’t turn on any utilities (electrical, gas, water).
  • Don’t start or move your vehicle if it’s been damaged.
  • Don’t clean soot, smoke or ash yourself. Professionals will have the right safety equipment and experience whereas untrained property owners can easily be hurt.

What To Do

Once you’ve been allowed back onto your property, and based on the severity of the situation, there are a number of things  you absolutely SHOULD do.  These include:

  • Contact family members and loved ones to let them know what has happened.
  • Focus on your family members and pets on the premises and ensure their safety and comfort.
  • Alert all your utility providers (electrical, water, gas) about the fire.
  • Begin the claim process with your property insurance company.
  • Review and confirm the accuracy of the fire report (the official document, issued by the responding fire department, that details the specifics of the incident). This is important for insurance purposes.
  • Document all fire damage. Take photos and write detailed notes about the full extent of property damage.
  • Before you leave the property, collect all valuables and precious heirlooms and take them with you.
  • Notify the police that your home will be vacant for a period of time for restoration and repairs.
  • Call a professional restoration company for immediate service. Rapid service from a professional, certified, and highly reputable restoration company will help avoid further damage to your property. 

What SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea Will Do For You

We’re happy you’ve called on us to begin the all-important restoration work.  On arrival, we’ll begin working with you to make you feel ‘Like it never even happened.’

Assess the extent of the damage in your property:  This will usually involve looking at how far the fire, the smoke, and the soot have traveled as well as seeing how badly affected your walls and furniture have been.

Tarp and Sealing Services:  Once the fire damage restoration begins in earnest, the main priority will always be to prevent damage from getting worse.

Clean  Up:  Clean up includes cleaning away smoke, dust, and soot from all surfaces.  Any standing pools of water will be removed using submersible pumps and the areas will then be dried and sanitized.   Deodorizing the structure is also very important.  SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea will remove any lingering smoky odors in the structure. Carpet cleaning may also be required at this time.

Dry Out:  This could be considered part of the overall clean-up effort.  We separate this out though in order to highlight the steps we take to completely dry the structure.  Once any standing water has been pumped out, we use air movers and dehumidifiers to completely dry out all salvageable walls, floors, ceilings etc.  Assuming that we have been called immediately after to start the clean up and drying process, we can usually avoid a mold situation.  Otherwise, we have to build containments to seal off airways in the structure.   Then we thoroughly clean all mold using special chemicals.   When water has been absorbed into the walls and/ or ceilings, we demo the drywall to expose the studs in the walls so that our air-movers can thoroughly dry them.  Failure to do this leads to a serious mold problem. 

SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea is a family owned business.  We feel your worry and concern after an event like this and we know you need help NOW.  When we send our technicians to your home or business, we’re sending highly qualified, credentialed, trained and experience personnel.  We take the time you need to feel comfortable with our process and keep you updated through the entire project.  We’ve become the #1 SERVPRO franchise in California by consistently providing our customers with the best restoration service available.  We keep our promises, and we meet our deadlines because we have integrity; we know that a promise is a promise. 

Listen to what our customers have said about us when you visit our testimonials page,

If you need immediate assistance, call us 24/7/365 at 714-701-0207.

Fire In A Santa Ana Play Room

8/1/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire In A Santa Ana Play Room When this garage turned child's playroom endured fire damage, SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea was there to provide the homeowner with expert restoration.

Recently, SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea was called on to assist in a fire damage restoration situation in Santa Ana, California. 

Our client, an elderly lady living in an older home in Santa Ana, had been awakened early in the morning by two loud pops coming out of her detached garage.  Someone in her neighborhood had thrown an incendiary object into her garage igniting a pile of clothing and starting a garage fire. 

The fire had done damage to the popcorn ceiling, walls and flooring of the garage.

While the fire itself had been quickly extinguished, this ‘man-cave’ style garage had suffered light smoke damage.

We know that a fire on your property is a super anxiety-charged situation and the best we can do is to get to our customers quickly to start the process of putting things back together.  Jonathan is one of the best in the business, so we sent him out to assure the home owner everything would be allright.  His knowledge and confidence were on display as we walked the home owner through the next stages of what would happen next.

We cleaned everything in the garage that was salvageable and also submitted the ‘total loss list’ to our customer’s State Farm insurance adjuster.  Following our wipe down, we powerwashed the concrete floor.  We also performed a hot thermafog of the garage; this is a deodorizing fog that penetrates everywhere. 

Our greatest satisfaction always comes at the end of every project when we can see how satisfied our customers are with the work quality and attention to detail we pour into every restoration we perform.

As they say, we make our customers feel ‘Like it never even happened’!

To hear more about what our customers have said about our work, visit our testimonials page; .  Have a restoration emergency you need handled NOW?  Call us at 714-701-0207.

Electrical Fire in Placentia

8/1/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Electrical Fire in Placentia When this Placentia home caught fire, SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea made this family feel 'Like it never even happened.'

Sobe, one of our administrators at SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea, reached out to pick up a ringing telephone.  It was a new customer who’d just experienced an electrical fire in Placentia. 

The home owner lived in an hold house with old wiring and an living room outlet sparked, catching the drapes on fire.  As the fire grew, it consumed the entire downstairs.  There was heavy smoke damage, walls and ceilings were charred.  The upstairs fared better with only light smoke damage.

Restoring this home required extensive work including, especially on the first floor where we performed the following fire damage restoration services:

  • Water Extraction
  • Carpeting and carpet padding removal
  • Content manipulation (inventorying and secure storage of furniture and other items)
  • Complete gutting of all drywall
  • Floor scraping
  • Air moving
  • Air scrubbing
  • Dehumidifying

The work on the second story was much simpler, as we were only dealing with light smoke damage.  There, we scrubbed all the walls and ceilings to remove soot and smoke stains and we also deodorized the second story.

All told, this project took ten days to complete. 

You can learn more about our work by reading our other blogs and also hear what some of our customers have said about our work.  Check out our testimonials page at

Do you have an urgent need for restoration services?  We’ll make you feel ‘Like it never even happened’.

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Fire! Understand the Causes and Take the Necessary Steps to Avoid One In Your Business.

7/20/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Fire!  Understand the Causes and Take the Necessary Steps to Avoid One In Your Business. SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea has been helping commercial structure owners with fire damage restoration for over 11 years. We're #1 in California!

Fire!  Do you understand the causes and are you prepared to take the necessary steps to avoid one in your business?

Just the thought of a fire burning in your workplace is enough to raise your pulse and tighten your stomach.  Thoughts of danger, damage and terrible expense follow each other in rapid succession.  The National Fire Protection Association reports over 37,000 fires occur in industrial or manufacturing locations every year.  The average cost of a fire in a work-place is nearly $90K per fire although the cost for a work-place fire   The good news is, among all causes, fires and explosions account for the smallest percentage of annual workplace deaths.  It’s the heavy cost of a workplace fire that is the true concern.  The majority of businesses that experience commercial fire damage do not recover.

Common Causes of Commercial Building Fire Damage

  • Cooking Fires - The leading cause of nonresidential fires (29%) is cooking fires. While these fires tend to have a lower cost impact than other causes, they can be avoided easily by having alarms and fire extinguishers at the ready and ensuring that all employees know how to use them.
  • Intentional Fires – 21% of all nonresidential fires. In the United States, there are three types of arson activities included in this category, including outside fires, structures and vehicles.  Although 19% of intentional fires involved structures, these fires accounted for 87% of civilian deaths, 84% of civilian injuries, and 86% of direct property damage resulting from intentional fires.   In California, there were over 7,000 arson fires in 2016 and while this sounds like a large number, it actually represents a 39% decline versus 2006.  Arson is responsible for the most direct property damage.
  • Careless Acts and Human Error – This would include actions like accidental leaving space heaters on, or discarding still lit cigarette butts into trash cans.
  • Heating Fires –Accounting for approximately 9% of all nonresidential building fires, heating fires stem from central heating units, fireplaces, water heaters, and other heating appliances and systems. Regular inspection would reduce the number of these events.

You can reduce the risk of a nonresidential fire by committing to several important steps and actions.  These would include:

  • Identifying the Risks: Understand the root cause of the types of fires most common in your industry.  For instance, restaurants should be sure their employees are aware of the risks of fire around the cooking equipment and know what to do if a fire should break out. Cooking staff should also never leave the cooking unattended.  In addition, the kitchen should be outfitted with regularly inspected and maintained kitchen fire suppression systems.
  • Invest in the proper equipment: As mentioned above, commercial kitchens should include fire suppression systems.  Other necessities will include common sense items like ifire extinguishers, fire sprinklers, fire alarms, emergency lighting, exit signs, and more.
  • Training and Education: All the equipment in the world is not going to help if your staff is not properly trained in their use. 
  • Regular Maintenance and Inspections: Does your business have a fire sprinkler system? When was the last time it was activated? When was the last time it was inspected and tested? Without regular maintenance and inspections of your entire life safety system, you are putting your property and your employees at risk.

During our more than eleven years of fire damage restoration, SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea has had the pleasure of helping business owners with fire damage restoration.  The tips we’ve shared with  you in this blog are things we’ve learned during all that time. 

Are you presently addressing commercial/ nonresidential fire damage?  We can help you get back to business quickly, and efficiently.  We’re the #1 SERVPRO franchise in California.  Our focus on urgency, integrity, cleanliness, knowledge, commitment to consistently excellent work, and establishing and maintaining positive relationships with our customers and colleagues.  To read testimonials from our customers, click here.   Need mold remediation services NOW?  Give us a call; 714-701-0207.

Like it never even happened.

Avoid a Hot Mess. How To Avoid Home and Business Fire Damage During Wild Fire Season.

7/14/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage Avoid a Hot Mess.  How To Avoid Home and Business Fire Damage During Wild Fire Season. Wild fire season brings home and business fires every year. SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/Brea has restored homes and businesses for 15 years. 714-701-0207

Want to avoid a hot mess?  Focus on preventing fires in your Orange, California home or business.  Here’s a few ways, thanks to your friends at SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea.

Fire Prevention Before Wild Fire Season

Southern California communities such as Yorba Linda, Orange, Brea, Fullerton, Garden Grove, and Anaheim have a very predictable annual weather cycle.  Each year begins mid-way through the annual rainy season.  Spring ushers in a greening of our usually yellow and brown hillsides as wild flowers and tall grasses shoot up.  By late spring and through the fall, we’re already into our drought season which, unfortunately brings our annual Santa Ana winds and wild fires.   The cycle is so regular,  you can almost set your watch by it!  Since it is so predictable,  long-time Southern Californians have acquired a set of proven defense tactics to protect their homes from these fires.  Some of these follow:

Yard and Garden Related Tips

  • Remove combustible vegetation from around any structure, according to local ordinances. Thin out continuous tree and brush cover and remove dead limbs, fallen trees, leaves, twigs, and pine cones.
  • Prune tree branches to 10 feet above the ground and remove leaves and twigs from beneath trees, in the yard, on roofs, patios, and landscaped shrubs.
  • Mow tall grass and keep it to a maximum height of two inches.
  • Do not use highly flammable landscaping near structures, such as bark or wood chip mulch.
  • Stack firewood uphill at least 15 feet from a house. Fire risks increase when wooden decks, patios, and woodpiles are placed close to structures.
  • Inspect and clean chimneys regularly. Equip chimneys for wood burning units with spark arresters.
  • Avoid all outdoor burning.
  • Prevent mishaps with outdoor cooking grills by carefully maintaining the grill and using caution during grill use.

Roofs and Walls

  • Roofs and walls made of untreated flammable materials, such as wood shakes and shingles are practically begging for a fire. Embers from fires can easily be wind-blown to ignite these dry and flammable roofs.    It’s far better to replace these with asphalt shingles, metal, slate, or tile.  If the cost of doing that is too high, home or business owners can still protect their property by either treating their wooden roofs with fire retardant, or installing a rooftop sprinkler system.
  • Clean roof and gutters to prevent buildup of debris.
  • Just like the roof, other parts of the house can be protected from embers by covering any exterior vent openings with ?-inch hardware cloth.


The high temperatures fires create can literally melt skylights and even cause windows to burst.  Cautious home and business owners can guard their property by installing double-paned and tempered glass. 

Count on SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea 

A fire is a terrible thing to experience in your home or business.  As diligent as many people are, fires still occur.  These are times when you’ll be glad to have an insurance company behind you and a professional, experienced, certified fire restoration company in front of you, working quickly to help you get back to ‘live as normal’.  For over fifteen years, SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea has been helping our clients get on with their lives – "Like it never even happened."   You can learn more about what our customers have had to say about us when you visit our Yelp page,  Need immediate help?  Call us at 714-701-0207.  You’ll be glad you did!

A House Fire is No Game: How SERVPRO Yorba Linda/ Brea Helped One Family Recover With Expert Fire Damage Restoration.

6/28/2018 (Permalink)

Fire Damage A House Fire is No Game:  How SERVPRO Yorba Linda/ Brea Helped One Family Recover With Expert Fire Damage Restoration. Nearly 360,000 US homes experience some type of fire damage every year. SERVPRO Yorba Linda/ Brea is #1 in California. We're there for you.

A few weeks ago, we received a referral call from one of our insurance industry partners (this happens a lot because we’ve got a great reputation in the industry).  “How soon can you meet with a family in Roland Heights?”, the adjuster asked Ally, one of our administrators.  Within forty-five minutes, Edgar, one of our SERVPRO Yorba Linda/ Brea field technicians appeared at Mrs. Holmsby’s door with a clean uniform, confident manner, and a sincere desire to help.

As Edgar spoke with Mrs. Holmsby, he learned that the ‘mother-in-law’ house (retro-fitted as a game room) on the back of their spacious property had recently experienced a fire.  Thankfully, no one was hurt in the fire but damage had been done and repairs would be needed.  The larger house at the front of the property had also been impacted by the smoke and would need to be deodorized.  It seems that some of the electrical in the ‘game room’ had shorted due to an overload with all the various computer games in use.   Mrs. Holmsby initially showed some anxiety and even fear about the damages and attendant costs and because the road ahead was not clear to her.  Like we always do, Edgar took his time to confidently display his knowledge and control of the situation.  Once he was done explaining, he could tell Mrs. Holmsby was feeling better.

The repair process was fairly straightforward; as is protocol, we removed the parts of the walls and floor that had been fire damaged.   We exposed the studs from the floor and up about four feet.  We took special care not to introduce more dirt into the structure and we carefully packed all the salvageable belongings.  There was a lot of moisture from the firefighters work which needed to be dried.  We used our dryers and dehumidifiers and we deodorized the structure of any smoke odors.  Finally, we used our HEPA filters and scrubbed the air.  The same deodorizing had to be done in the main house in front.

SERVPRO Yorba Linda/ Brea has been helping families like Mrs. Holmsby’s for over fifteen years throughout Southern California.  From Fullerton and Placentia down to Mission Viejo, Dana Point and San Clemente.  Over that time, we’ve become the #1 SERVPRO franchise in California.  We’re a company built on a set of values that we take very seriously.  All our employees are trained in these values and are expected to demonstrate them at all times.  These values include:

Urgency:  We’re there when disaster strikes, and you need us now.

Cleanliness:  We are committed to restoring safety and health to our customer’s homes and businesses, giving you peace of mind.

Knowledge:  Our training and experience instills trust and confidence.

Integrity:  Faithful execution of our commitments.  Our word is our bond.

Relationships:  Earning your trust at every opportunity through compassion, fairness and excellence.

Consistency:   We’re only as good as our last job.   Our high standards set your expectations.

There are nearly 360,000 home fires in the US every year.  While we hope you’re never one of these people, the chances are high that at some point you may be.  When that happens, you’ll want the best service in the industry and a partner you can really trust. 

Do you find yourself in this spot right now?  Call us at 714-701-0207.  Curious about what other people have said about us?  Visit our Yelp! page.

An Oil Fire Causes Damage in a Brea, CA Kitchen

2/18/2015 (Permalink)

A homeowner in Brea, CA was frying food one evening but accidentally let the oil get too hot. The oil ignited and the fire quickly spread throughout the kitchen. Thankfully, the fire department arrived at the home shortly after and was able to put out the fire before it became too out of control and spread to the rest of the house. However, the fire and the water used to put out the fire, ended up causing significant damage to the kitchen that needed to be looked at by a professional restoration clean up company. The homeowner performed a Yelp search to find the best restoration clean up company in the area. The great reviews on Yelp led her to call SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/Brea. 

We sent our Production Manager, Chris Trejo, to the home the same day we received the customer’s call. Chris inspected the kitchen and determined that SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/Brea was well qualified to restore the fire and water damage in the house. To get the restoration started, he sent Crew Chief, Waldo Roman, to the home with a team of restoration experts.

When the team arrived, they got right to work removing the fire and water damage from the kitchen. The crew worked quickly and efficiently to remove damage and complete the project so that the homeowner was not without a kitchen for an extended period of time. 

The homeowner was grateful that the team was able to complete the project in such a short amount of time. Thankfully, she called us right after the damage occurred, which made it easy to remove and restore for her. She was very happy with our services and said she would be recommending us to her friends and family.

A Burning Candle Starts a Fire in a Brea, CA Home

2/4/2015 (Permalink)

A Brea, CA homeowner had lit a candle one night and left the room for a moment to do something else. In the few minutes she was gone, the candle caught her curtains on fire. She did not realize she had set the candle so close to them, but it was clear she had when she smelled smoke and burning curtains from the other room. Thankfully, she smelled the smoke and quickly ran to get her fire extinguisher. She was able to put out the fire and keep it from spreading thanks to her quick action. But, the room was left with fire damage on the walls and on a small section of the floor. She called a friend to get a recommendation of who to call to restore the fire damage, and her friend immediately recommended SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/Brea. 

The customer then hung up with her friend and called us. We sent our Production Manager, Jonathan Arcila, to the home the same day to take a look at the fire damage. He determined that SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/Brea would be able to fix the damage easily. To get started, he sent our Crew Chief, Jose Melgar, and his team of professionals to the home. 

They set to work removing the fire damage and worked quickly and efficiently. In no time at all, the team had removed the damage from the walls and was working on the small portion of the floor. Then, a short time later, they had completed the project, and the homeowner couldn’t believe they worked that fast and still produced such professional and excellent work. She was thankful she did not have to live with the fire damage for long and was grateful to SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/Brea for all of our hard work.

A Mattress Fire Causes Water and Fire Damage in a Brea, CA Home

2/4/2015 (Permalink)

A Brea, CA homeowner woke up one night to the smell of smoke. She knew something in her home was burning, so she followed the smell and visible smoke to an unused guest bedroom. When she entered the room, she saw that the mattress was burning up. She called the fire department immediately and then ran to get her fire extinguisher. She was able to keep the fire from spreading by using the fire extinguisher until the fire department arrived. Once they got to the home, they put the fire out and began to investigate what had happened. It turned out an electrical malfunction had caused a spark that landed on the mattress and caught it on fire. She was left with fire damage and water damage from the fire department putting out the blaze. The homeowner performed a quick Yelp search to determine the best company to restore the fire and water damage. The best reviews told her SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/Brea was the company to call. 

She called us right away, and we were able to send out our Production Manager, Jonathan Arcila to the home the same day. He examined the fire and water damage and determined the job was something his team could handle. He sent our Crew Chief, Jose Melgar, and his team of fire and water damage removal experts to the home. 

When they arrived, they set to work removing the fire and water damage from the walls and the floor around the bed. They worked very quickly and efficiently to ensure the room was clean as soon as possible. They wanted to be sure the work was done to give the homeowner peace of mind after such a trying ordeal. 

We were done in no time, and the homeowner was thrilled with our work. She was happy we were able to complete the project so quickly and was grateful for our professionalism and excellent communication with her. She told us she would be happy to recommend us to her friends. 

Flood Damage is Caused in a Brea, CA Home After a Christmas Tree Fire

1/27/2015 (Permalink)

A homeowner in Brea, CA left their Christmas tree up well after the tree had dried out. Many of us love our Christmas decorations, but there are certain precautions to take when having your Christmas tree in your home for an extended period of time. Once the tree begins to dry out, it is time to remove the tree to avoid fire concerns. These particular homeowners did not do this and paid the price.

One night while they were out to dinner, one of the lights on the Christmas tree broke and overheated. This caused the dried out Christmas tree to catch on fire. Luckily, the fire department was called quickly, and they were able to put out the fire. But, they had to use a lot of water that ended up causing flood damage to the inside of the house. After the whole ordeal, the homeowner went on Yelp to see who to call to remove the flood damage. The search told her that SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/Brea was the best company in the area.

She called us right away, and we sent our Production Manager, Jonathan Arcila, to take a look at the damage. The customer was thrilled we were able to send someone out the same day that she called. Once he inspected the damaged area, he determined that our services were necessary and called out our Crew Chief, Waldo Roman. Waldo arrived with his team of experts to remove the flood damage. They worked quickly and efficiently to remove all of the damage and get the home back to its original condition.

Even though the damage was extensive, it was nothing SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/Brea couldn’t handle. We finished the job in no time at all because we knew the homeowners wanted to get back into their home as soon as possible. They were very pleased with our turnaround time and couldn’t have been happier with our professional and quality work.

A Kitchen Fire Causes Damage in a Yorba Linda, CA Home

1/13/2015 (Permalink)

A Yorba Linda, CA homeowner had baked a pizza one day but forgot to turn the oven off once the pizza was done. Awhile later, something that had been left behind in the oven caught fire as it continued to stay hot. The homeowner quickly grabbed her fire extinguisher and put out the fire in the oven. Even though she acted fast, there was still some fairly extensive fire damage to the oven and the surrounding walls. She got online to do a Yelp search to figure out the best company to perform fire damage repair in her home. She discovered that SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/Brea had the best reviews when it came to fire damage repair. She called us immediately, and we sent our Production Manager, Chris Trejo, to the home the same day. 

Chris examined the fire-damaged area and determined that our services were indeed necessary. He called our Crew Chief, Waldo Roman, to have him come to the home with his team of fire damage repair experts to begin work on the home. They arrived shortly after and began removing the damaged areas. 

As our crew got to work, the homeowner was nervous that she wouldn’t be able to use her kitchen for a while. She voiced her concern to Waldo, but he assured her they would have the repair complete in no time. Just as he said, the crew finished the fire damage repair in just a day. They were done and out of her home very quickly, and the homeowner was able to resume her normal schedule. 

The homeowner was thrilled with how quickly SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/Brea was able to complete the job. She was also very happy with the professionalism of the crew and the excellent communication she had with Waldo. Overall, the fire damage repair could not have gone easier or smoother for her. She was happy to have had such a professional and hard working company in her home.

House Fire Prevention

6/19/2014 (Permalink)

You may be anxious to get rid of the lingering soot and smoke after a fire but unless you consult an experienced home restoration crew you can easily cause a lot more harm than good to your home structure.  Your walls can easily be charred by closed fireplace flues or electrical wires that send smoke everywhere. At SERVPRO our team of certified technicians specialize in smoke damage repair and we would love to assist you and your family as you sort through the refurbishing and cleaning process.  We want to see exactly how the smoke, heat, and moisture impacted building materials. Our technicians also deodorize your home so no one will be able to smell any old residue.

When hazardous smoke permeates into air after a fire it can easily get trapped into walls and drift through household ducts.The harmful odor from smoke will also stay in upholstery, clothing, family belongings, and paint. There are two types of fires: simple and complex. A simple fire grows because of pure fuels like wood or gas.  Simple fires are considered complete combustions and they make for easy cleanups.  On the other hand, complex fuels are the most common house fires. They are powered by synthetic materials that are typically fund in furniture, pipes, or toys.  The combustion of synthetic materials usually end in incomplete combustion with acid deposits everywhere.  Every year there are 12,600 fatalities and more than 2,500 people die due to home fires in the United States. Let’s find out how home fires can be prevented.

  • Watch the smoking: Smoking is the third leading cause of home fires. According to the U.S Fire Administration you should use ashtrays with a wide, stable base that are hard to tip over. If it wobbles then most likely it won’t work.
  •  Pay attention to electrical threats: Cords that are frayed are detrimental to flammable surfaces.
  • Cooking can kill: We all use our stoves but stove top cooking is the leading cause of home fires so make sure you turn all of your burners off.

If you are faced with the need for smoke and fire damage repair in the Brea/Yorba Linda area contact SEVPRO immediately and we will come and fix everything so you can forget the catastrophe ever even happened!

Fire and Smoke Damage Repair

6/19/2014 (Permalink)

No one ever plans for the fan in their living room to catch on fire or the wires going from their washing machine to their power socket to create sparks but the United States Fire Administration reports that U.S. fire departments respond each year to an estimated 25,900 home electrical fires.  In almost eighty percent of home electrical fires the fire spreads quickly –burning up furniture and setting entire rooms ablaze. 

At SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/Brea we are committed to providing you and your family quality fire damage repair. In case of a fire our experienced technicians specialize in thorough evaluations where we quantify how the fire, smoke, heat, and moisture affected your living environment. Fire damage is challenging because poisonous smoke often penetrates deep into cabinets and curtains that will eventually lead to textile damage and disgusting odor.

The U.S. Fire Administration points out that most home electrical fires involve electrical distribution, lighting or power transfer equipment.In most cases heating appliances and lights are the common denominator anytime there is an electrical fatality. Let’s talk about some of the causes of electrical fires so you can avoid them at all costs.

  • Check your wattage: If you install a bulb and the wattage is too high a fire will start. Bulbs that are 40-60 wattage are recommended because once the wattage increases oftentimes fixtures will melt.
  • Check your extension cord or receptacles: Extension cords are often misused because many people do not plug their electrical wires directly into the plug. It’s better to call an electrician than use an inappropriate outlet.
  • Check your smoke alarm: According to U.S. Fire Administration smoke alarms were present in only 50 percent and automatic extinguishing systems werepresent in 2 percent of electrical fires that occurred in occupied residential buildings.

Hopefully you will never experience a devastating fire caused by electrical wiring. However if you do,  call a SERVPRO technician immediately because we specialize in fire damage repair in the Brea/Yorba Linda  and we will be glad to create a fire and smoke damage restoration plan that fits your needs.

Home Fire Sprinkler Systems can save your Home

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Every 76 seconds a house erupts in flames in the United States. Did you know there is a way to increase your chance of reducing fire damage by 92%? According to the U.S. Fire Administration, when you install home fire sprinklers, it is just like having a real firefighter in your home during a fire. As soon as the censor detects a fire, the fire sprinkler system reacts quickly and can dramatically reduce the heat, flames, and smoke produced by a blaze. Typically it takes about seven to twelve minutes for firefighters to get to a residence during a fire but most house fires are considered “deadly” after 3 minutes, while the fire department is still miles away.

The team of dedicated, experienced technicians at SERVPRO Brea/Yorba Linda specializes in fire and smoke damage repair and can make your residence look brand new. But why not install a home fire sprinkler system to prevent a fire from taking place in the first place? There are primarily two types of home fire sprinklers: Stand Alone Systems and Combined Systems. Stand Alone systems are designed for fire protection use and consist of plastic pipes that are attached by special glue, whereas Combined Systems are pipes connected directly to the plumbing system.  SERVPRO Brea/Yorba Linda recommends installing home fire sprinkler systems because of:


  • Simple installation: If your home is already under construction it only requires a little extra piping and labor, but it greatly increases the safety of residents.

  • Low water requirement:  Home fire sprinklers use less water than a firefighter with a hose. Sprinklers can also be connected to the home water supply and require less water than other systems.

  • Low cost: A sprinkler costs about $1.35-1.65 per square foot.  According to the United States Fire Administration that is about the same cost as upgrading cabinets or carpet.

According to the Home Fire Sprinkler Coalition, every year fire kills more than 3,000 people. Do yourself a favor: install a home sprinkler system and prevent a fire from ever happening!

Tips for Avoiding Fires this Summer

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Home is certainly where your heart is—except when it’s been burnt down. After an unexpected fire you and your family are likely feeling flustered, displaced, and overwhelmed. The last thing you need is to be burdened about your health. And yet, immediately after a fire is when you must be concerned with your health the most! The number one cause of death related to fires is smoke inhalation. More people die of smoke inhalation injuries than burns. 

During a fire you naturally breathe the products of combustion, and those products can easily aggravate chronic lung conditions and trigger a scratchy throat, menacing headaches, or stinging eyes.  The best way to prevent the need for smoke damage repair is to prevent a fire from taking place at your residence in the first place. According to the United States Fire Administration, practicing home hazardous materials safety is important in preventing home fires. Oftentimes, when we think of hazardous materials we think of slime or goo, but we need to be aware of common household items that can easily trigger residential fires.

  1. Barbecue products: It’s summertimeand it isn’t abnormal to have easily flammable items like charcoal or starter fluid lying around. Charcoal produces carbon monoxide, a poisonous odorless gas, when it is burned. Make sure to put away your barbeque supplies after you finish using them.
  2. Laundry products: Stain removerstypically contain alcohol and are highly flammable. Detergents and bleaches also may be very volatile reactive products. Typicallythere are also many heat sources and electrical outlets in the laundry room, which can be the trigger needed to start a nasty fire.
  3. Paint products: Paint and paint thinners are highly flammable, and they are usually kept in storage sheds or garages, which aren’t typically insulated. In the summer, the temperatures in these structures peak, making way for paint products to combust and burn.

Rather than deal with the smoke damage from these poisonous chemicals that can make you chronically sick, call SERVPRO Brea/Yorba Linda. Our team of experienced technicians will come to your residence, evaluate your fire and smoke damage emergency, and restore your residence so that you can move on from the disaster both physically and emotionally. 

SERVPRO Brea/Yorba Linda offers Smoke and Fire Restoration

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At SERVPRO Brea/Yorba Linda, we know that you are exhausted after an unexpected blaze tears through your residence, but unfortunately, the flames and smoke were just the beginning of your headache.

After a fire, the most critical time to protect your health is immediately after the firefighters leave. Why? Because that is the time that hazardous smoke particles dissipate into furniture and electronic equipment. Smoke contains the dangerous and colorless gas carbon monoxide. According to the Department of Health state agency, “inhaling smoke for a short time can cause immediate effects.” Smoke can irritate your throat, eyes, and skin plus its odor may be nauseating. Studies have shown that some people exposed to heavy smoke have temporary changes in lung function, which can ultimately cause erratic breathing and chronic coughing. The U.S. Fire Administration states that, “Cooking is the leading cause of residential building fires and residential building fire injuries.” Therefore it is crucial that we make sure that our kitchens remain a place that is as fireproof as possible. Here are some tips on maintaining a fireproof environment:

1.       Keep kids away from cooking areas: Kids love to help Mommy and Daddy around the kitchen, but it is important to set firm boundaries about where they are allowed to be when the stove or oven is on. The U.S. Fire Administration recommends keeping kids about 3 feet away.

2.       Pay attention to what you heat:  When you fry, grill, or broil make sure you monitor food and stay in the kitchen. Cooking with grease and oil is especially dangerous so be even more mindful.

3.       Check your kitchen smoke alarm: If your smoke alarm is older than June 2004, you need another one. Your smoke detector should never be more than 10 years old.

Cooking accounted for 45 percent of residential building fires responded to by fire departments. If you are faced with the need for smoke and fire damage repair in Yorba Linda, contact SERVPRO Brea/Yorba Linda immediately and we will come and fix everything so you can start rebuilding your life.

Smoke and Fire Damage Repair in Yorba Linda, CA

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It's overwhelming enough dealing with the terrible surprise of an unanticipated fire disaster in your residence. As you struggle to put back the pieces of your life after a fire, the last thing you want to be concerned with is finding a quality smoke and fire damage repair company. With nearly 50 years of experience to draw from, SERVPRO Brea/Yorba Linda has a knowledgeable team of certified technicians that will create a customized smoke and fire damage repair plan for you. Our goal is to preserve the structure of your home and restore your residence so that you can put this whole catastrophe behind you.

After a fire, the hazardous smell of smoke can linger in clothes and home furnishings like draperies and carpets. According to the United States Fire Administration, inhaling these poisonous vapors can block your lung airways and lead to mental confusion, vomiting, loss of muscular coordination, and ultimately death. In addition to smoke, soot (the toxic gray carbon particles left after a fire) is oily and can permanently stain carpets if professional care is not consulted. Cleaning up after a fire is a messy process and although SERVPRO Brea/Yorba Linda will gladly come in and clean up the mess from smoke and fire damage, we know that you wish the fire had never occurred in the first place. Preventing home fires is easier than most people think.

According to the National Fire Protection Association, almost two-thirds of home fire deaths resulted from fires in properties without working smoke alarms. A working smoke alarm significantly increases your chances of surviving a deadly home fire. Knowing that smoke alarms are so helpful in residential fire prevention, here are some tips about installing smoke alarms.

  • Cover All Areas: Fatal fires take place in all areas of your home, so install smoke alarms everywhere from the kitchen to the basement. Make sure each level has a smoke alarm.
  • Check the Battery: If the battery is dead or missing your smoke alarm will not work properly.
  • Invest in Quality:  Smoke alarms typically run anywhere from $6-20. However, for about $25-40 you can purchase a Dual Sensor Smoke Alarm that can differentiate between different types of fires.

If you are faced with the need for smoke and fire damage repair in Yorba Linda, contact the pros at SERVPRO Brea/Yorba Linda. We will come and fix everything so that you can forget the disaster even happened. 

Smoke Damage Repair in Brea, CA

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Fire Damage Smoke Damage Repair in Brea, CA Smoke Damage Repair in Brea, CA

After an unexpected fire in your residence, we know that you are anxious for things to return to normal as soon as possible. In order to preserve your valuables, the fire restoration process should be handled quickly and meticulously. A sense of urgency during this process will help to prevent further fire and smoke damage.

When you've been hit with an unforeseen crisis, alleviate any more stress and let the experienced fire damage repair technicians at SERVPRO Brea/Yorba Linda take care of the fire and smoke damage restoration process at your Brea home.

One of the hazardous and deadly aftereffects of a fire is the fuel that didn't burn during the blaze. That fuel is commonly known as smoke and is filled with hazardous toxins such as carbon monoxide and other dangerous synthetic odors. According to the Department of Health, "Inhaling smoke for a short time can cause immediate effects. Smoke is irritating to the eyes, nose, and throat, and its odor may be nauseating. Studies have shown that some people exposed to heavy smoke have temporary changes in lung function, which makes breathing more difficult." In order to protect the health of your family, it is important to repair the smoke damage in your residence immediately so you do not suffer any of the horrifying consequences of prolonged exposure to smoke.

After you've contacted a SERVPRO Brea/Yorba Linda professional here are a few tips to consider as you wait for your technician to arrive.

  • Circulate the air: Make sure to ventilate the area by opening the window or installing a fan. If there has been water damage use a dehumidifier to remove moisture.
  • Take out brass items:  Within 24 hours smoke can permanently etch copper and brass. Use a copper or brass cleaner right away on furnishings or other valuables.
  • Cover with plastic: Put plastic over clean, dry items to prevent contamination until SERVPRO Brea/Yorba Linda technicians arrive.

According to the Disaster Handbook published by the Institute of Food and Agricultural Sciences, smoke odor can remain in clothing, upholstered furniture, carpets, and draperies unless they are properly cleaned.  Contact a SERVPRO Brea/Yorba Linda technician immediately to create your fire and smoke damage restoration plan and get your life back!

SERVPRO Brea/Yorba Linda offers Fire Damage Repair

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Fire Damage SERVPRO Brea/Yorba Linda offers Fire Damage Repair SERVPRO Brea/Yorba Linda offers Fire Damage Repair

Whether it's that old electrical wiring coiled up behind your clothes dryer or the wires attached to your television, electricity provides energy for most appliances in the modern home.  We all rely on the power of electricity but we rarely think of the horrifying dangers that accompany electrical wiring in a house with basic items like lights and contemporary heating systems.  According to the Tropical Fire Report Series, published by the United States Fire Administration, electrical fires occur frequently throughout the US, causing injury, claiming lives, and resulting in large property losses due to fire damage.

At SERVPRO Brea/Yorba Linda we know that while none of us would anticipate our household items erupting into flames due to an electrical fire, it can easily happen at any moment. We are prepared to handle all of your fire damage repair needs. An unexpected fire can be a devastating event, so let the experienced technicians at SERVPRO Brea/Yorba Linda assess your property, fix structural damage, eradicate foul odors and clean soot from behind crevices as seamlessly as possible.

Electrical fires can be incredibly dangerous because they start in the walls and smoke can smolder for a while before it erupts into flames. Here are some facts gleaned from USFA about electrical fires so your family can adequately prepare against them. In order to prevent fire damage in Yorba Linda, be aware of the following:

  • Property Use: Eighty-seven percent of residential electrical fires happen in one and two family homes. This includes single-family homes and mobile home units too.  
  • Time Elements: Electrical fires occurred most frequently in the late afternoon or early evening. This is often the time that most family members are getting home.
  • Month Matters: Most electrical fires take place during the months of December and January. Electrical failure or malfunction can easily take place on faulty holiday décor with worn or damaged cords.

At SERVPRO Brea/Yorba Linda we are registered with the California Department of Consumer Affairs and our teams are dedicated to cleaning and restoring your structure as soon as possible so you can forget that this whole mess ever happened in the first place. We are the experts for fire damage repair in Yorba Linda.

Fire Damage Remediation in Brea, CA

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After a fire, toxic smoke can corrode and stain your walls causing discoloration of your valuables. Over time carpet stains get costlier, plastic usually discolors within minutes and fiberglass appliances follow shortly—within hours. Poisonous soot and debris can disperse into your cabinets, creep into crevices and create a thick, hard consistency that can erode the structural frame of your building. In addition to horrible odors, fire damage in Brea such as ash and soot can cause horrible health problems for young children and people with a weak immune system.

At SERVPRO Brea/Yorba Linda we know that house fires are terrible tragedies, but they occur more often than people think. According to the latest data from the United States Fire Administration there were 364, 500 residential fires that resulted in 2,450 deaths in 2011. One way to prevent a fire in your residence is to install trustworthy home fire sprinklers and smoke alarms. In order to prevent a dangerous fire from taking place in your home here are some helpful tips from the USFA that will ensure your residence is fireproof:

  • Home fire sprinklers and fire smoke alarms improve your chances by 82%. Your own sprinkler closest to the fire, upgrading carpeting. Sprinklers give people time to escape from a fire
  • Fire sprinklers can reduce fire damage by up to 97%your fire sprinklers are older than 2004 they are considered ineffective and need to be replaced immediately 
  • If your fire sprinklers are older than 2004 they are considered ineffective and need to be replaced immediately 
  • If you are suffering from an unexpected disaster and need fire damage repair in Brea call SERVPRO Brea/Yorba Linda today and our experienced technicians will clean up the mess and get things back to normal as quickly as possible. 

    Fire Damage Repair Services in Yorba Linda

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    When an unexpected house fire erupts in your Yorba Linda, California, home, the last thing you want to think about is the daunting task of fire damage repair. SERVPRO Brea/Yorba Linda specializes in the fire damage repair and cleanup process. After a fire there may be visible traces of the fire such as ash, soot, and damaged appliances. Even if the interior of a home looks like it has not been affected, there may still be signs of smoke damage throughout: either from its pungent odor or via carbon monoxide, which is both clear and odorless. In addition, the smell of smoke can get in your hair, make you feel nauseous, and irritate your nose, eyes, and throat.

    According to the United States Fire Administration, an estimated 1,800 fatal residential building fires are reported to U.S. fire departments each year and cause an estimated 2,635 deaths, 725 injuries, and $196 million in property loss ( Instead of paying an arm and a leg to restore damaged property, contact SERVPRO and let an experienced technician conduct a thorough investigation to evaluate the damage and discuss the best, most cost efficient plan of action to get things back to normal again.

    The USFA points out that most residential fires occur in the bedroom. Here are some tips to prevent fires:

    • Install a new smoke alarm: Make sure your home has a working, properly installed smoke alarm. Experts speculate that 2/3 of fires take place in a residence without a smoke alarm.
    • Blow out your candles:  Approximately one-half of fire deaths are due to candles that were not blown out between midnight and 6 am. December has the highest fire fatalities due to candles.
    • Install home fire sprinklers: Home sprinklers are helpful because they reduce the power of the fire by quenching the blaze earlier.

    If you are suffering from fire damage in Yorba Linda, SERVPRO can help alleviate some of your stress. Give us a call today to get started on the fire damage repair process.

    Fire Damage Repair in Yorba Linda, CA

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    The first steps taken in a disaster situation can mean the difference between recovery and total loss. Usually those who rebound quickly are the ones who had a plan in place. Did you know that 50% of businesses that suffer a disaster never reopen? Those who do survive are the ones who had an emergency preparedness plan in place. When it comes to fires, you cannot be prepared enough.
    Fire damage and smoke damage can cause destruction that is irreparable if it isn’t dealt with swiftly and professionally. SERVPRO Yorba Linda/Brea offers fire damage repair and
    smoke damage repair for your Yorba Linda home or office. Our professional team of employees is well trained when it comes to mitigating the affects of a fire.
    SERVPRO Yorba Linda/Brea offers the following services for fire damage repair and smoke damage repair in Yorba Linda:

    • Full inspection: we want to know the full extend of the smoke and fire damage before we get started. How many materials have been affected? What is the best way to clean up the mess? Do you need to stay in a hotel or with family until it’s safe to come back home?
      We can help you best assess your situation and come to a decision.
    • Protection of unaffected areas: SERVPRO Yorba Linda/Brea aims to help protect the areas of your Yorba Linda home or office that were not affected by fire damage or smoke damage. The soot and odor can easily spread and damage other areas, but protecting them
      will save you money in the long run.
    • Determination of what needs replacing: we let you know what valuables and materials can be restored or need replacing. Some things are just not salvageable, but SERVPRO Yorba Linda/Brea aims to keep that number as low as possible. It is important to take a complete inventory of items that are damaged beyond repair for insurance purposes. SERVPRO Yorba Linda/Brea can help you do just that.
    • Effective cleaning methods: we only use the best products and methods available on the market to ensure that your Yorba Linda home or office is up and running again in no time.

    If a devastating fire has affected you, call SERVPRO Yorba Linda/Brea today to get the fire damage repair and smoke damage repair process started. A swift response can mean the
    difference between recovery and total loss.

    Smoke Damage Repair and Fire Damage Repair in Brea, CA

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    Smoke damage and fire damage are two of the single most devastating things that can happen to your home or office. Obviously no one wants to have to evacuate a building due to a fire because, well, that’s scary! What we often don’t think about, however, are the long-term affects or fire damage or smoke damage, which can be devastating.

    SERVPRO Yorba Linda/Brea recommends you take the following

    • Have heating equipment such as chimneys and heaters maintained annually.
    • Give your heaters some space! Keep all flammable objects, such as blankets, picture frames, clothing, and rugs, at least three feet away.
    • Never use an extension cord or power strip to plug in a space heater.
    • Install and maintain carbon monoxide and smoke detectors. They could save your life!
    • Turn off portable heaters before leaving the room or going to bed.

    Should a fire affect your Brea home or office, SERVPRO Yorba Linda/Brea can offer the following fire damage repair services and smoke damage repair services to help mitigate the

    • Soot and smoke type determination: there are several different types of soot and smoke and each one can affect your home and possessions differently. SERVPRO
      Yorba Linda/Brea tests the soot to determine which type of smoke damage occurred. That way, we can get started with the damage repair process sooner.
    • Inspection and pretesting: our thorough inspection helps us determine what type of cleaning, restoration, and repairs are needed.

    If you find yourself in a situation where you need smoke damage repair or fire damage repair at your Brea home or office, give SERVPRO Yorba Linda/Brea a call today.