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Do You Know What to Do After a Fire Hits Your Home or Business?

8/9/2019 (Permalink)

Four important areas of SERVPRO care for your home: - Initial inspection - Protecting your home - Audit all belongings - Proper cleaning -

Knowing what to do after a fire hits your home or business can make a significant difference in the cost of your recovery.  Be sure to read this helpful blog and be prepared for when a disaster strikes!

If you are informed, you can take steps to avoid a total loss and instead be on the road to recovery.   Think about this:  50% of businesses that are impacted by a disaster such as fire and smoke damage or water damage never reopen.  For families and business owners who have invested their life’s savings into their business, this is a real, and unfortunately possibly avoidable tragedy.  It all depends on your level of preparation.

Rebounding is all about readiness.  Moving on successfully comes down to whether you have an emergency preparedness plan in place.
One of the most important things you can do to be prepared is to know who your best allies will be if and when the time comes that you’ll need them.  For fire and smoke damage and water damage SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea is your trusted partner in property damage restoration.  We’re the #1 SERVPRO franchise in the state of California.  We make our customers feel "Like it never even happened."  Our IICRC certified, professionally trained team of restoration experts is available 24-hours a day, 365 days a year to mitigate the affects of fire or water damage. 
SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/Brea offers the following services for fire damage repair and smoke damage repair in Yorba Linda:

  • Full inspection: Before we begin our restoration work, we take the time to fully assess the extent of the damage to your property. This includes the source of the damage, and the number and types of affected materials. It’s all important in planning the most effective, most efficient clean-up process.  Often, we go beyond the scope of the project to help with things such as finding customer lodging.  We take the time to answer your important, pressing questions so you feel more ‘in-control’ of the situation.  Usually, that helps our customers feel more calm. 
  • Protection of unaffected areas: While we’re working in damaged buildings, there are often areas and belongings that have not been affected.  We take the time and care to manipulate all items so they are out of the way of potential, unintended damage.  We cover furniture with plastic sheets,  and lay runners down on the floor.  Just like acting quickly after the initial damage, doing these things also saves our customers money in the long-run.
  • Determination of what needs replacing: We perform meticulous audits, including written descriptions, and photographs of all damaged items during this process.  These audits are provided to your insurance company as part of your claims process.  In certain circumstances, we can also assist with moving and storing your salvageable possessions until after restoration is complete. 
  • Effective cleaning methods: we only use the best products and methods available on the market to ensure that your Yorba Linda home or office is up and running again in no time.

A fire can be a terrible event, but there are many ways you can improve the situation.  Choosing the best fire damage restoration partner should be high on your list.  In Yorba Linda, Brea and Anaheim Hills, SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea is your preferred ally. You can learn more about our work by viewing any of the videos we have on this site, reading more of our blogs, and reviewing our customer testimonials.

If you’re looking for assistance now, don’t delay!  Call SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea at 714-701-0207.

Lack of Regular Home Maintenance - Flooded Rain Gutters Lead to a Flooded Foundation and Water Damage

8/9/2019 (Permalink)

When a foundation flooded with rain water, the water had nowhere else to go but up into the room above. The result? SERVPRO to the rescue!

Regular home maintenance can help home owners avoid water damage.  Or, you can find yourself out of luck and in a situation like this one:

“You’re supposed to clean these?”

This was the question the bemused, Yorba Linda home owner asked our Project Manager, Gilbert Julian during his inspection of the water damage that happened at his home following a heavy rain last winter.

“Um, yes, Sir.”, replied Gilbert.

When rain gutters go unattended for several seasons, they will fill with leaves, dirt, and other debris.  Leave them alone long enough, and when the rains come back it’s a recipe for a residential property damage disaster.  In this case, rain began over the side of the gutter and down around the foundation. The rain fell steadily for a couple of days and eventually, when the space under the house had filled, the water had nowhere else to go but up.  To make a long story short, the home owner found water seeping up and into the carpeting.  His first suspicion was that perhaps a pipe had burst so a plumber was called out to the home. 

A thorough (and expensive) inspection of the home’s plumbing was done and the plumber identified no plumbing issues. 

“Nope; your pipes are just fine.”, said the plumber.  Thinking a bit, he final pointed out that there was water in the foundation. “You should call SERVPRO.”, he told the home owner.  The plumber in question is friends with one of our residential water damage technicians and he provided the phone number with our office number.  A short while later, the call came in and we sent Gilbert out to perform the inspection the same afternoon. 

Gilbert completed a detailed inspection, and called in our Crew Chief and several of our IICRC credentialed technicians to begin the physically demanding water damage restoration work.

Our technicians began by removing the drenched carpeting and padding underneath the carpeting was salvageable but the padding was not.  Using a thermal imaging device and a moisture sensor, the extent of the damage to the surrounding walls was measured and in several places twelve inches of drywall was removed around the perimeter of the affected room.  In addition, it had been several days since the water damage had occurred, which was long enough for mold to begin growing and spreading around the room. 

To protect the home’s furnishings, and the unaffected flooring surrounding the damaged area, plastic sheeting and floor tarps were put in place.  In order to avoid spreading mold spores into the non-affected areas of the home, a containment was also set up around the water damaged room. 

A group of air blowers was installed to hasten the drying process.

Wearing hazmat outfits, masks and breathing through air cannisters, our technicians used special anti-microbial chemicals to meticulously remove all traces of mold.  Once the work was done, they cleaned up and left in a short period of time.

The homeowner was thrilled with the expert care his home received and was relieve to know that his home was now water damage and mold free.

Did I mention that we earned a really nice “Yelp!” post?  It’s a pretty common thing for us, but knowing that we’ve made another family or another business owner happy never gets old! 

Water damage is never pleasant. Sadly, in this case, it could have been avoided with regular maintenance of the rain gutters – a lesson that this home owner is likely not to forget in the future!

SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea has been in business for fifteen years, and for a number of those years, we have been the #1 SERVPRO franchise in California.  We think it’s because our customers continue to personally find that our promise is true; We make them feel “Like it never even happened!”

You can learn more about our work by viewing any of the videos we have on this site, reading more of our blogs, and reviewing our customer testimonials.

If you’re looking for assistance now, don’t delay!  Call SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea at 714-701-0207.

Brea, CA Home Owner Learns Fire and Smoke Damage No Challenge for SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea.

8/5/2019 (Permalink)

This photo shows the smoke damage Ms. Hutton experienced from the. master bedroom fire.

Recently, a home owner in Brea, CA learned that fire and smoke damage is no challenge for our expert restoration team at SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea. 

On a recent, warm evening this past spring, Elizabeth Hutton, a Brea, CA homeowner had lit a candle and left it on the windowsill in her master bedroom.  There was a gentle breeze that evening, and Ms. Hutton had decided to freshen up the house by letting the wind drift through the home.  For a little ‘atmosphere’, she decided to light a few candles, rather than use the electrical lighting.  She sat in her recliner by the window and read her book, while classical music played in the background.

Briefly, she left the room to get a glass of cold water.  She might have been away for as little as 5 minutes, but that five minutes was all it took. When she returned, she found her drapes had ignited and there was already some damage on the walls and on the carpeting underneath the window.  She acted quickly by filling a plastic bucket in her master bath with water and used it to douse the flames. 

The same evening, she called her insurance company and the adjuster advised her to call us.  We were able to have a Project Manager at her door within forty-five minutes, despite the late hour. 

When Jonathan Arcila arrived, he first took time to help calm the home owner.  He achieved this mostly by showing his command of the situation, deep level of expertise in fire and smoke restoration, and being able to easily answer a number of pressing questions Ms. Hutton needed to ask.  It was agreed that restoration would start in the morning and we had our team at her door by 8 a.m.

They set to work removing the fire damage and worked quickly and efficiently. In no time at all, the team had removed the damage from the walls and was working on the small portion of the floor. Then, a short time later, they had completed the project, and the homeowner couldn’t believe they worked that fast and still produced such professional and excellent work. She was thankful she did not have to live with the fire damage for long and was grateful to SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/Brea for all of our hard work.

A Yorba Linda Home is Damaged by Fire and Smoke. SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea Provides Expert Restoration.

7/22/2019 (Permalink)

When our client left something in her oven to burn, she quickly called SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea for fire damage restoration.

It was a simple mistake nearly anyone could make, but the damage still required our expert assistance. After baking a pizza for her family, our client forgot to turn the oven off.  As the temperature in the oven continued to build, the cardboard box the pizza had been baked in caught fire.  Thankfully, the family was home and evasive action with fire extinguisher put the fire out.  Unfortunately, the kitchen walls still received some pretty heavy damage.  The home owner searched Google for service options and she found our Yelp page.  She was impressed with the large number of very positive reviews she found there.  Going to our website, she also found a number of video testimonials from prior clients.  She chose SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea and within an hour, our project manager, Gilbert, was at her door to provide an inspection and an estimate. The homeowner agreed to it and by later that afternoon, we had several technicians working on the restoration.

The first requirement was to remove the smoke and fire-damaged areas of the kitchen.  As a passionate home-chef, the homeowner was concerned that the restoration work would extend for more than several days and she voiced her concern to Gilbert.  He assured her that this was. a pretty simple job for our team, and true to his word, Gilbert and his crew finished the job the same day. 

The homeowner was thrilled with how quickly SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/Brea was able to complete the job. She was also very happy with the professionalism of the crew and the excellent communication she had with Gilbert. Overall, the fire damage repair could not have gone easier or smoother for her. She was happy to have had such a professional and hard working company in her home.

Trained Technicians and State of the Art Equipment at SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea

7/22/2019 (Permalink)

Project Manager, Cesar Arcila is a great example of our highly trained technicians. Click the link below to learn more about equipment we use.

In Yorba Linda and Brea, Our Trained Technicians and State of the  Art Equipment Make SERVPRO the Water Damage Experts to Call

There’s no doubt about it!  After you’ve experienced water damage at your residence or business in Yorba Linda or Brea, the best decision you can make is to contact SERVPRO.  Waiting too long will only compound the damage and allow mold to form.  SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea treats every customer’s emergency as if it were our own; our team values acting with urgency, providing consistently excellent work, sharing our knowledge with our customers and acting with integrity in all situations.  We are always ensuring that once our work is through, our customers will feel ‘Like it never even happened’. 

Once they’ve discovered water damage, prudent property owners will take immediate action. The smartest thing to do is to call an experienced and trusted professional restoration service. SERVPRO     Yorba Linda/ Brea has successfully helped home and business owners with water damage, fire and smoke damage, wind and storm damage, and mold remediation since 2005.  We are the #1 SERVPRO franchise in California.   We start by inspecting your property and providing the diagnosis for your source of loss.  In some cases, the water is still leaking when we arrive.  Our first step on those occasions is to stop the flow of water. 

Next, we must remove the water from your home or business. and complete the structural drying. This is where our professional, specialized equipment becomes important. Most homeowners just don’t access to the quality or capacity of the machines we have in our inventory. When we arrive at a work site, we have a full stock of commercial strength pumps, extractors, air movers, heaters, and dehumidifiers in our service vehicle. The proper tools make the process easier and faster, which is why SERVPRO can resolve even severe water losses rapidly.

Second, our equipment is operated by highly trained, and IICRC credentialed technicians. Our on-going investment in both equipment and personnel makes us unique in the industry.  It’s why our customers know that when they call us, they can expect consistently excellent results. 

Our professional approach, trained technicians, and advanced technology are why SERVPRO of Yorba Linda and Brea are your trusted restoration resource. If you’re recently experienced water damage, you should act quickly.  Start by calling us at (714) 701-0207 for your inspection and quote.  In most cases, we can be there within an hour of your contact. 

Click here to learn about the state of the art equipment used daily at SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea.

Fast Water Cleanup Can Limit Your Losses After Water Damage

7/22/2019 (Permalink)

Need more proof? Mary Helmick, a recent SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea customer, shares her story. We restored her home after heavy water damage.

Unfortunately, water damage can strike anywhere without warning.  It creates damage where water was never meant to be in your home and in many different ways. Just a few common causes include plumbing failures, appliance leaks and storms.  In cases of flood or sewage back-up, other contaminants can also enter the home or business, jeopardizing the health of the occupants.  The best way to mitigate your losses is to begin the clean-up and dry-out as quickly as possible. 

Why SERVPRO?   We are the #1 SERVPRO franchise in California because our customers know they can rely on us for consistently excellent service, because we treat every  case with the same level of urgency we’d expect if it were our property, because we’re knowledgeable and we communicate with our customers at every stage of the restoration job and because we are known for our integrity.  Our word is our bond. 

SERVPRO Yorba Linda/ Brea has numerous resources to remove the water during the extraction phase. Each machine has a unique purpose, depending on the circumstances.  Our IICRC       trained and credentialed technicians use pumps, wet vacuums, and, for large jobs, we have truck mounted extractors that can handle thousands of gallons of water. Weighted extraction wands push water trapped in carpet padding so a drenched carpet does not automatically mean the carpeting cannot dry in place.

The right machine for the job approach continues in the dry-out phase.  We have a large inventory of  air-movers, high-velocity axial fans and dehumidifiers, and industrial heaters are used in different situations to rapidly decrease moisture levels and dry items inside the structure quickly and thoroughly.  For a detailed explanation about some of these machines and tools, please review our video library.

Mold remediation is a common concern after any water event, and SERVPRO technicians use powerful antifungal and antibacterial cleaning solutions to inhibit mold growth on the surfaces and objects affected by moisture. Our goal is always to restore rather than replace, and we employ numerous restoration techniques to achieve this result whenever possible.

Our SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea water cleanup team serves Orange County with our emergency services. Call (714) 701-0207 any time, day or night.  We promise to make you feel ‘Like it never even happened.’

Click here for a customer testimonial video about our water damage restoration services.

Another Reason to Choose SERVPRO: Employee Certification Training

7/22/2019 (Permalink)

On-going training, exceptional leadership and management and 100% commitment to consistently excellent results has made SERVPRO Yorba Linda/ Brea #1.

When our customers call us for immediate, property restoration services, we know they’re trusting SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea to make the right decisions and follow the best procedures.  To ensure that this happens each time we send our employees out on a job,  we invest heavily into the training and certification of all our team members.

Successfully moving through our detailed and rigorous training course is a condition of continued employment with SERVPRO.  To support the employee’s continued education efforts, we have a self-paced program for them to follow. 

The courses are offered in modules and include training in:

  • Crew Leadership
  • Fire and Smoke Restoration
  • Water and Flood Restoration
  • Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning
  • Applied Structural Drying
  • Mold Mitigation/ Remediation

The courses consist of video lecture presentations and the study and completion of worksheets provided through support materials.  At the end of each. Module there is a graded exam to ensure proficiency in every area. Certification follows successful completion of all modules and. satisfactory grades on all examinations.

In addition to these four modules, our SERVPRO corporate office also provides a 15 day in-house, hands-on training program at our corporate training facility.  The program covers all aspects of property restoration, including water damage, fire damage, mold remediation wind and storm damage and there’s even a carpet & upholstery cleaning section. 

Because our training program is so strong, SERVPRO has actually been made a testing facility for IICRC certification.  Additionally, we offer special courses which are available to insurance industry professionals and real estate professionals.

SERVPRO offers both credit and noncredit courses for insurance agents, insurance adjusters, real estate professionals and franchise staff.

At SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea, every one of our Project Managers, Crew Chiefs and Technicians are IICRC trained and certified, have successfully completed the core group of courses included in SERVPRO's training program and are committed to on-going training.  Performing at consistently high levels of customer satisfaction, sharing our knowledge with our customers at every step of the restoration process, and conducting ourselves with integrity are important company values and they all start with training.

Are you looking for assistance with recent residential or business property damage?  Call the #1 SERVPRO franchise in the state of California; call SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea!

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How to Enjoy a Safe, Fire-Free Summer

7/22/2019 (Permalink)

It’s summer time, and with it, many people are enjoying some wonderful,  summertime traditions – like outdoor barbecues!  A little extra attention paid to some of the more common causes of summer fires can be the difference between a happy memory or a terrible tragedy.

Barbecue products:  Part of the fun of summer is enjoying outdoor meals!  Whether it’s at the park or around the backyard pool, BBQs are usually associated with easily flammable items like charcoal or starter fluid.  A source of carbon monoxide, charcoal produces a poisonous odorless gas, when it is burned.  You can avoid this by limiting your time spent standing around burning charcoal.  Also, you can avoid unintended fires caused by these materials by putting everything away after the BBQ has ended. 

Laundry products: Certain chemicals, regularly used in laundering clothes – such as stain removers, typically contain alcohol and are highly flammable. Detergents and bleaches also may be very volatile reactive products.  It’s also fairly common to have a heat source in the laundry room (water heaters, for example). Electrical outlets, present in the laundry room, also represent additional risk of fire. 

Paint products: Many families plan home improvement projects, such as painting, for the summer months.  Paint and paint thinner are both highly flammable.  It’s very common to store paint supplies in non-insulated storage areas, such as sheds and garages.  During the summer months, the temperatures inside these structures soar and this can set the stage for a fire, too.

Even with great care, a fire can still break out in conditions like these.  If that should happen, your best move is calling SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea.  Our team of trained, IICRC credentialed and highly experienced technicians are ready to take on any restoration challenge to make you feel ‘Like it never even happened.’ In many cases, we can be on site within an hour of your call to provide an inspection and a work estimate. 

Learn more about how SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea provides consistently excellent service in fire damage restoration.  Whether its residential or business property, SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea is the #1 SERVPRO franchise in California!  Click here to learn about a recent fire damage restoration project.

Water Damage in a Yorba Linda Rental Home

7/4/2019 (Permalink)

Yuck! Imagine the smell from this.mold, not to mention the wall stains or the potential risks. Not a problem for SERVPRO Yorba Linda/ Brea!

Being a landlord is tricky business.  You have to ensure that your property is in market condition but doing that means you have to rely on your tenants to be on the lookout for things that could go bad before they actually do.  Failure to spot warning signs usually means that, at some point or another, there is going to be a disaster.  Unfortunately, tenants are not as mindful about your property as you would be for a simple reason; it’s not theirs!

Recently, SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea had an opportunity to assist one of our clients in such a situation. In this instance, as in many projects we’re involved in, not only did we work with the property owner but we also worked with the insurance adjuster, and the tenant in order to achieve a happy ending for everyone.  This is one important way of ensuring that our slogan is always true; we work hard to make you feel ‘Like it never even happened.’

What happened was that a Yorba Linda landlord of a rental house was notified by his tenant that mold had formed in the guest room.  Being a room that was not used very often, the tenant was not sure exactly how long the mold had been there.

Upon receiving the call, our Dispatch Manager, Xochitl, scheduled Project Manager, Cesar Arcila to go to the home and perform an inspection and present the landlord with a quote.  Cesar’s inspection revealed that there was major water damage.  A pipe that ran through the guest room’s closet wall had been leaking for quite some time – as evidenced by the amount of mold that had been allowed to form, the fact that the drywall was saturated and that it was soaked down to the carpet and baseboards.  Upon the owner’s agreement to the quote and our contract, Cesar asked our Crew Chief to bring out our team of highly trained and personally committed technicians.

Tackling the water damage proceeded as follows:  We placed a dehumidifier to control the moisture content in the room.  As the room was drying out, we demo’d the impacted drywall, carpet and carpet padding.  Once exposed, we were able to scrub all mold from the studs using sand paper and an anti-microbial spray.  The room itself was isolated from the rest of the house via a containment system (thick plastic sheeting).  This was necessary to prevent spreading mold spores (part of the life-cycle of mold and the way mold colonizes new areas).  We used a HEPA filter to scrub the air to EPA standards. 

Because of the possible health risks, mold remediation should not be attempted without proper training and the use of special hazmat suits and ventilators.

It took several days to fully dry the room.  The homeowner was very appreciative of our expertise and knowledge concerning the potential hazards of mold. 

Are you currently facing a mold challenge of your own?

We’d be happy to send our team out.  We guarantee your satisfaction.  Want proof? See any of the testimonials on this site or view any of the number of recent testimonial videos.

Convinced and ready to roll?  Give SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea a call at 714-701-0207.

All This and More Under One Roof!

5/20/2019 (Permalink)

Our IICRC credentialed restoration technicians are experts in all areas including fire damage, water damage, wind and storm damage and mold removal.

For fifteen years, SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea has been hard at work serving clients in hundreds of property restoration emergencies.  Our reputation has grown as we’ve served our clients with excellence and today, we are the #1 SERVPRO franchise in California!  Something our customers may not all recognize though is that whether it’s water damage, fire damage, wind or storm damage, or even mold remediation, SERVPRO can do all this and more under one roof!  We’re our customers’ single source for anything related to property restoration!

We Do It All!

Leading the Way in Water Damage Restoration

When it comes to water damage restoration, SERVPRO of Yorba Linda provides the following service:

  • Provide professionally written, accurate, free estimates and work plans
  • Structural contents manipulation: This includes furniture pack-out as well as all other belongings.
  • Protection of all furniture by placement of plastic sheeting and tarps
  • Protection of carpeting, hardwood floors and tile floors by placement of floor runners
  • Comprehensive structural dry-out via:
    • Water extractors to remove all standing water
    • Tear out of all ruined carpeting and padding as required.
    • Complete kitchen dismantling as required – Includes removal of cabinetry, base boards and dry-wall.This is done to thoroughly expose and dry wet wall studs
  • Design and placement of complete property dry-out plan; includes use of air movers, pumps, dessicators and HEPA filters
  • Installation of containments; includes use of engineering controls and HEPA filters
  • Complete mold remediation
  • Site removal of trash (old drywall, carpeting, padding

Our Six-Step Process Snuffs Out Any Fire Damage Emergency

Count on SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea when it comes to fire damage restoration.  We get the job done better than anyone else with our seven-step approach. 

Step One:  Intake/ Dispatch

You’ll begin feeling relief the moment you contact SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea.  Since we know our team needs to hit the ground running when you call in this situation, we’re going to ask you a number of important questions designed to prepare our IICRC team members to provide maximum service the moment they arrive using the right equipment and resources.

Step 2: Inspection and Damage Assessment

In the second step, we perform a detailed and complete review of your entire property to quickly gather all the necessary inputs to your customized workplan.  This process was actually begun in step one when you spoke to our dispatch team and is completed on-site by our IICRC credentialed project manager.

Step 3:  Maintaining Security.  Immediate Board-Up and Roof-Tarp Service

After any fire, there is a legal requirement to establish site security.  Our board-up service maintains this security and prevents any further damage by blocking any missing windows and walls.  We extend coverage to the roof through the use of tarps. 

Step 4: Thoroughly Drying Your Property

Many of the steps outlined under ‘water damage’ in this blog are extended to our fire damage restoration service. 

In many cases, this will require removal of drywall, floorboards, cabinetry, baseboards, even tile flooring.

Step 5: Cleaning Your Property of Soot and Ash.  Removal of all fire odors.

We use specialized equipment and techniques to remove smoke and soot from ceilings, walls, and other surfaces.

Step 6: Cleaning and Sanitizing

All belongings which can be salvaged are cleaned in this phase.  We will clean, sanitize and disinfect all materials classified in this way during this period.  Special techniques and chemicals are used to bring these belongings back to pre-fire conditions. 

Containment systems are also used to scrub the air in the structure to EPA levels for air safety.