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Small Water Leak and Big Damage

8/16/2021 (Permalink)

Water Damage 1 overview of the damage, 2 dehumidifier in progress, 3 another dehumidifier working

Our clients from Anaheim Hills had to deal with a water damage problem that overwhelmed their guest room. When we arrived on scene we noticed that the base boards were too far damaged for any type of saving so we had to completely remove all the wood.

Once we removed the damaged would we began to dry the foundational wood to help ensure its normal strength as well as get rid of any possible mold damage that may have tried to grow in the future. When it comes to water damage it is always good to make sure that all wood or damaged area is completely cleaned out or it could cause a lot of future damage.

If you think you may have water damage within the walls or any other area of your home then give us a call so we can take care of you and your family.

A Small Leak and Ruined Rug

8/16/2021 (Permalink)

Storm Leak Damage 1 testing the floor damage, 2 pulling up the rug, 3 the overall damage before removal

A storm can come and go in a hurry, and our clients unfortunately had to deal with a flash flood in Lake Forrest. Luckily enough the storm didn’t cause too much damage inside but the unfortunate thing was that it did flood the pipes underneath the house and cause some minor but deep flooding.

In the photo you see, we had to lift up the carpet and get down to the bottom of the flooring to dry out the area. We wanted to do so to ensure that no mold growth would take place and had to place special chemicals on the area to keep it clean.

Although the family did have to replace their family rug, they were thankful that we came out in time because if not, the pipes underneath would have burst had we not called the local plumbers to help us on the job. Although we don’t do plumbing we will do anything to help us get the job done for you and your family.

Los Angeles Fire Damage

8/16/2021 (Permalink)

The garage fire damage 1 overall damage and clean up, 2 PPE suit and clean up, 3 the truck loaded with the damage

The clients in Los Angeles unfortunately had a small house fire that took out their garage from the ground up. Luckily nobody was hurt but they did lose a lot of family memories. Once our team arrived onsite the fire department had already finished their job and put out the fire and all embers.

We specialize in the removal of all items burnt in the effected area and make sure that there is nothing left over that could be harmful to the family or the environment. As you see, we had to clear out all of the debris that was left from the fire. We are not sure how the fire started but as long as nobody was hurt that is all that matters.

Although there was a major damage done, our team took their time in making sure that every piece of the damage was taken care of. We were able to get up close and personal with the PPE suites we have in our warehouse. This helps us ensure that we are kept safe and properly clean the area.

Water Leak in Anaheim Hills

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

The before photos 1 part of the affected area, 2 the excavation, 3 the whole empty kitchen

The water damage that took place in the city of Anaheim Hills seemed unstoppable and not something that would be an easy fix. Luckily here at SERVPRO we are ready to take on any job that is thrown our way.

This kitchen had an unfortunate leak that quickly spread throughout the home and led to an excavation of the walls and some lower structure to properly treat the home. We deal with any type of problem and love to get inside the walls to ensure that we properly dry the home, but we also prevent any type of mold growth in the future.

We first had to remove the lower parts of the walls and all the cabinet space under the sink since that was most affected. Once we get to the root of the affected area we begin to treat it with dehumidifiers and in house chemicals to prevent any growth.

If you find ourself in a situation like this, give our office a call so we may serve you with the best treatment in Orange County.

Brea Continues Business

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

Flooring Being Removed 1 floor being removed, 2 floor panels that were removed piled up, 3 the after math of all the flooring being removed

Business cant operate if you have problems going on inside the business. That is why giving us a call to take care of the problem is the best thing you can do. We handle all problems that involve, mold, water, and fire damage.

Here in Brea, a business unfortunately had water leaking through the flooring of their office and couldn’t find out why. Fortunate for them they gave us a call so we can go out there and handle the problem. We had to first remove the flooring and properly dispose of it before cleaning out the concrete that would need to be re-treated and cleaned up to dispose of any possible mold growth.

Once we finish up with the flooring and properly cleaning up the base of the floor we do let the client decide if they want us to do the flooring installation as well. If you have a problem with possible water damage but want to continue doing business while the damage is taken care of, give us a call today to take care of it.

Anaheim Water Clean Up

7/15/2021 (Permalink)

Proper Steps 1 carpet removal, 2 complete removal, 3 small portion of the ceiling removal

This home had a weird situation in Anaheim Hills, because of their two story home the leak crept into a room from the top floor and only into one room. Because of this it kept the owners cost of the repairs low, but it did cause some major damage. This made us remove a small portion of the upper room as well as the total removal of the carpet on the first floor room.

Our SERVPRO team got there just in time to help completely stop the house from overflowing with water. We like to completely remove any affected material areas only to help keep the problem safe for any one living or working in the area. We understand that it could be a lot, but SERVPRO ensures that it becomes a safe place to live especially for families. So we take extra steps to ensure a complete dry of the foundation as well as cleaning any water affected areas to help stop mold growth in the future.

 If you suspect any type of possible water leaking give us a call, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

The Storm in Anaheim Hills

6/10/2021 (Permalink)

Dried up Storm Damage 1 drying the cabinets before removal, 2 after removal of cabinets, 3 internal drying of damaged area

Anaheim Hills is a place where we don’t assume that storms will come through and sweep through an area, but believe it or not it still happens. When a house is not properly prepared for such rain, or even if it comes after a long drought it can cause some serious damage.

Our client gave our office a call because they had their worst fear come through. The storm overcame their home and began to leak from the roof into the walls of their home. Luckily, our SERVPRO team is ready to tackle this job and easily assessed and took care of the job quickly.

To help prevent any rotting wood, we opened up the bottom panel of the walls and directly dried the structure of the home to help it regain its original state. We also do this to prevent any damp areas producing mold growth which can cause health effects if left untreated.

Storms can cause a heap of damage, if you suspect any type of weather damage in your home give us a call so we can assess any possible problem.

Water Won't Stop Business in Brea

6/10/2021 (Permalink)

Sectioned off work 1 the section off damaged area to ensure control, 2 the start of bottom wall removal, 3 the pipe leak area

Are you a business that is suffering from a water leak but don’t want to stop business? Well here at SERVPRO we have you covered. This business in Brea had a problem with their toilet as it began to leak and eventually overflow onto the restroom floor.

Luckily the problem was quickly addressed which allowed our team to get in the business and minimize the damage that occurred. As we addressed the problem we wanted to make sure we limited any other surface damage that could have occurred so we took the precautions to cover the effected area to ensure the spread was minimized.

Water damage can happen fast and creep into the crevices of the building before you even know it. It is always good to keep an eye out for such instances just in case it happens in your office building. If you feel that there may be a leak in your building, give us a call today so we can check it out and prevent any damage from taking its final course.

The Mold Needs to Go

6/10/2021 (Permalink)

The Mold Has got to Go 1 shows the original area of damage, 2 the drying process and cleaning the air, 3 removal of wall and internal drying

This mold problem slowly occurred in a resident’s home in Yorba Linda. A pipe was slowly leaking and caused an area to start growing mold within the affected area. This mold was hard to detect by the resident only because this small leak took time to cause problems.

Once our SERVPRO team got onsite we immediately closed off the area effected and began working in our PPE gear to keep us safe as well as the residents. The team gers to the bottom of the problem by excavating the entire area and disinfecting the wood with our very own chemical. Before doing any type of treatment to the wood, we use our dehumidifiers to dry out any left-over water and then treat the wood with a specialized chemical that not only kills the area but prevents the area from any type of growth. SERVPRO prides in being able to complete a project with keeping the residents and entire team safe from harm.

Mold Remediation for Small Business

6/1/2021 (Permalink)

Mold in the Breakroom 1 roof mold, 2 breakthrough from ceiling to roof from decay and mold, 3 air drying and purifying the air

Mold can be a harmful issue that could cause risks in the workplace. If you didn’t know, our SERVPRO team is equipped and ready to take on any mold or other harmful bacteria. For example, this company who worked in a small office space first gave us a call for possible water leak.

When we arrived on scene we noticed that there was internal damage to the structure and led us to figure out that there was more to the problem than the eye could see. In the break room of their office there had been some minor leaking that took place which ultimately led to the moldy space.

Luckily we were prepared and began working on the remediation of this as soon as we got back on sight. These jobs can be stressful because it could raise questions about the health of the environment but there’s no need to worry because our SERVPRO team are experts at removing such harmful areas.