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Fire Damage Testimonials

Recently, we had a small kitchen fire.

While the local fire department was quick and we got the fire out right away, we still needed help with fire damage restoration.

My experience was excellent with the service and I will recommend the service to all the people that need this service.

A recent fire in our neighborhood left a layer of ash and soot over nearly everything in our home.

We asked our local SERVPRO (Yorba Linda and Brea) to come help us clean up.

The SERVPRO personal were courteous, professional and diligent.

I can’t thank Edgar or the SERVPRO Yorba Linda/ Brea team enough for the wonderful job they did to get our home back in good condition after our house fire.  The whole team there is very professional and they made me feel that they knew what they were doing and that we were going to be ok.  Thank you!

Edgar Arcila and his team were courteous, knowledgeable, patient and very professional.  They were at our door the same day we file our claim.  They took the time to help us understand the restoration process at every phase.  We’d definitely recommend them! 

My mother in law’s condo caught fire last month.  This would be heavy trauma for just about anyone, but at 84 years old, it was really hard on her.  The panic in her eyes was almost than I could take.  Ever since I married Sandy, she’s been like a mother to me, too.  The sense of loss she experienced was hard to see for all of us.   

I’ve known Edgar Arcila through a networking group I belong to for a few years and knew his company’s reputation.   SERVPRO Yorba Linda/ Brea was the only company I’d have felt safe calling.  His company is totally focused on restoration and remediation services.  Whether it’s fire, flood, mold, whatever.   

Although my expectations were pretty high, Edgar’s team performed beyond my expectations! 

Since five stars is the top of the range, I’ll give them a five.  I’d go higher if I could!  I felt blessed that the fire fighters could save my home, but we still had all that water damage.  Still a nightmare.  SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea came right away and they were so professional and efficient.  They walked me through every step which made me much more comfortable and they were careful with moving all our family’s belongings in the area of the burn.  Total A+ job, guys.  Thanks a lot!