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Mold Remediation: Call SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea

With certain people, mold growth can have a negative health impact.  It's also unsightly and smelly.  Unless you know the proper steps to take when trying to remove it, you can easily make the problem worse.  When remediation is easily within reach, why put up with it?

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How Do You Know When You Have A Mold Problem?

Are you wondering if you might have a mold problem?  Here are a few telltale signs:

Do you notice a stuffy, slightly sweet odor?  Could be mold.

Has someone in your structure not been feeling well?  Could be a response to mold.

Do you see dark spots forming near areas close to moisture?  This could be mold.  

The definitive way to confirm whether you've got mold, however, is to have your property labe tested for mold.  

Mold Remediation; Exposed Wall Studs

When water damage includes the interior of the walls, it's necessary to demolish the drywall in order to thoroughly dry the walls.

We use air movers and dehumidifiers to complete the task.  We also erect containments to limit the area that these machines need to work in.  This has the effect of drying the walls more rapidly.

Mold Remediation in Villa Park

When moisture collects between the walls, mold will grow on the wall studs and interior side of drywall.  All that mold needs to flourish is fiber and moisture.  

In this photo,  you see one of our SERVPRO technicians demolishing the drywall where mold has been identified.

Mold Remediation in Tustin

SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea provides a full array of restoration and remediation services.  Mold remediation is one of our core strengths.

In this photo, you see one of our technicians performing mold remediation with anti-microbial cleaner.

We Got Rid of a Black Mold Problem!

Our workplan maximized efficiency.  We built a single containment area, installed dehumidifiers and an air scrubber and completed mold abatement.  Our technicians meticulously wire-brushed and disinfected all impacted areas.  We restored the air quality within the home to EPA standards.

Of course, we safely and securely removed all debris and hauled it away to landfill.

A Growing Problem. Remediating Black Mold in Brea, CA

Recently, one of SERVPRO Yorba Linda/  Brea's residential customers called us in to eliminate a black mold problem in their Orange, CA residence.  Here's one of our field techs going at the root of the problem.