Commercial Photo Gallery

Water Damage? No Problem!

Recently, a business complex in Anaheim Hills called us for help for help with water damage restoration.  SERVPRO Yorba Linda/ Brea is the leader in this area.

These photos detail what we saw, and some of the work we did to make our customer feel 'Like it never even happened.'

One interesting feature; notice the photo where the baseboard has been drilled.  This is a technique to dry out the studs without having to demo the drywall.  Once the holes are created, a series of air blowers and other technology can be used to dry out the interior and prevent mold.

As If It Was Our Own

This photo mosaic is a look at a job we recently did for the landlord of an apartment complex.  Water damage had occurred throughout most of several apartments.  Our job was to remove hardwood floors carefully, to get at the source of the moisture and dry it out.  Walls had also been damaged.  We had to demo drywall to expose wooden studs.

When SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/ Brea comes out to a job, we know we're entering your personal space.  It's either the home where your family lives and makes its memories, or its the heart of your business, where you make your living.

These places are special to you, and to us as well. They get our full respect.

With every job, we are meticulous about protecting your possessions and we work hard to avoid tracking dirt in or around your space.

Working hard to make you feel 'Like it never even happened." is our first priority.

Avoiding a Mold Growth Problem

Using moisture sensors like one shown in this photo helps us avoid mold growth.   Mold needs only two things to thrive; wood fiber and moisture.

When our moisture sensors measure significant amounts of moisture in a wall, we expose the studs by partial drywall demo.

Exposed studs dry more rapidlyWe use air movers and dessicators to thoroughly dry things out

This device is used by all our reps at SERVPRO of Yorba Linda and Brea when we have a flooding issue.  

Doing What It Takes

There's a rule of thumb we go by at SERVPRO of Anaheim Hills; to get the job done right, we have to use the best equipment.  Because we manage this way, we ALWAYS get the job done right!

In this photo, you can see a recent water damage restoration project we completed for a customer.  There had been flood following a burst pipe.

Making this customer feel 'Like it never even happened' required us to several different types of equipment; air blowers, and a water extractor (pumped out the standing water).

We were quick to arrive at the job, efficient in our attack of the problem, and we shared our knowledge all along the way.  Our customer was very pleased and since then has referred us to several other jobs as well.

Exposed Wall Studs

In order to eliminate the bacterial contamination that follows a sewage back-up, our field technicians stripped 60 linear-feet of wall, two feet up from the floor.  Our work there also included completely drying and dehumidifying the impacted areas.

All Backed Up at a Yorba Linda Commercial Account

SERVPRO Yorba Linda/ Brea was recently called in to aid a commercial customer account when an obstructed water main finally led to a small-scale disaster.  Our highly trained field technicians expertly handled this potential health hazard.