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A Leak Under a Kitchen Sink Causes Water Damage in a Yorba Linda, CA Home

10/30/2014 (Permalink)

One evening, a Yorba Linda, CA homeowner was doing dishes when she noticed a leak under her kitchen sink.  Upon further investigation, she discovered the leak was coming from her garbage disposal.  She removed everything from under the sink and found a puddle at the bottom of the cabinet.  She did a quick Google search and found that SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/Brea was the top water damage company for her to call to examine and repair the water damage under her sink.

Shortly after her call, our Production Manager, Jonathan Arcila, arrived at the home to take a look at the damage.  After an inspection of the water damage, he recommended that the homeowner call a plumber out to the home to repair the leak and then our crew of heroes would begin the water removal process.  She took our advice and a plumber was out shortly to fix the leak.  When he was done, we began our water removal process.  

Thankfully, the homeowner called us right after she discovered the leak, and mold had not yet begun to grow.  There was also very little water damage caused due to her quick action.  Our main concern was during the water damaged cabinet and ensuring mold did not develop; prompt attention and response by a professional water damage company was essential for saving the cabinets and preventing further damage.  

While there was very little water damage for us to repair, it was still very smart of our customer to call us out to her home.  It is important to have all water damage investigated by a water damage company like SERVPRO of Yorba Linda/Brea to ensure that the water removal is completed properly.  What concerns us most is the water that our customers can’t see. Calling in an experienced company like SERVPRO, who can complete a detailed moisture map, can help prevent the growth of mold and any further damage from occurring.  Our customer was very happy with our professional work and was confident in our services.  She knew there was no water left under her sink when we were done, and she was thankful she did not have to worry about mold starting to grow.  Our fast acting crew completely removed all water damage from the home within just a few short days.

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