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Supply line leak in Anaheim, CA Home

Toilet supply line floods upstairs and downstairs in home, wetting carpet, ceilings, tile and laminate flooring.Drying equipment installed in the hallway and li... READ MORE

Supply line leak collapses ceiling in Anaheim, CA

Upstairs bathroom line leaks and collapses wet ceiling in the downstairs living room flooding laminate floor.Toilet leak causes saturated laminate flooring remo... READ MORE

Flooded living room in Yorba Linda Home

Washing machine overflowed flooding hardwood flooring, area rug, walls and cabinetry were water damaged throughout the home. Drying equipment in progress, savin... READ MORE

Flood damage in a kitchen in Yorba Linda

Washing machine overflow flooded kitchen, affecting the tile flooring and cabinetry. Rapid response is key to saving wet cabinetry. Power distribution box and... READ MORE

Pipe leak floods a Dining Room in Yorba Linda, CA

Hardwood floor and walls were dried in place with effective use of a floor mat drying system and a commercial grade desiccant dehumidifier. Drying in place sav... READ MORE

Collapsed ceiling after water flood in Yorba Linda

This home flood created an extensive wet ceiling, collapsing into the downstairs kitchen hallway. Slow leak water damages hardwood flooring in kitchen, dining r... READ MORE

Flood collapses ceiling onto in Yorba Linda, CA

Wet ceiling falls onto washing machines in a laundry room after bearing extensive water damage.

Mold on Dining Room baseboard in Brea, CA

Mold was only visible below the baseboard line. Once the baseboard was removed the mold became evident since there was no paint below preventing the visibility ... READ MORE

Mold on kitchen cabinets in a Brea home

Mold found along the backing and perimeter of the cabinetry and on the kitchen walls. Granite countertops were suspended and salvaged; unaffected countertop was... READ MORE

Mold in a Brea garage

Water heater stand, drywall and framing contained extensive mold throughout a section of the garage. SERVPRO mold removal experts contained areas, abrasively r... READ MORE